Time to Hunt

Time to Hunt (2020)


Time to Hunt is a South Korea movie in which, Joon-Seok leaves prison for a calf, which he and his friends pulled. The victorious Korean crashed in a big way, effectively rendering the hawk useless. Joon-sook proposes a final heir to his best friends Jung-ho and Ki-hoon to escape their pitiable conditions. Their target is an illegal gambling house, with huge stacks of US dollars stored. The three recruit Sang-soo, who currently works at the gambling house. After obtaining firearms from Bong-sik – a friend Jun-Seok knew in prison – the quartet runs with the heir, who is giddy but successful. They take large sums of cash and hard drives to a gambling house that contains footage of shady behavior between gambling house owners and various criminals. After the heir, Song-soo requests a short stay in the city to continue work at the gambling house, so that suspicion does not arise. The three leave to go to Ki-hoon’s parents’ house. The loss of a monitored hard drive makes gambling homeowners unhappy. They recruit contract killer Han to track down the quartet and retrieve the hard drive. Han visits Bong-sik, forces him to call Joon-seok to reveal the trio’s current location, and kills him. Han tracks Sang-soo to pick up his phone and beat him off-screen. Joon-seok wakes up from a nightmare and leaves at once. He gets a call from Sang-soo’s phone, but upon realizing that someone else has his phone inside the bar, he leaves in panic, and Jung-ho and Ki-hoon immediately run away, leaving Knowing that someone is hunting them. In the shootout, Han shoots Jung-ho several times, and later eventually succumbs to his injuries. As Joon-seok is about to be shot by Han, a group of masked men, led by Bong-sink’s twin brother Bong-soo, arrives to kill Han in revenge for his brother’s death. Masked people shoot Han several times, and he dips the edges of the dock into the sea. At dawn, Joon-so takes the boat to Kenting, Taiwan, where he lives for some time, but he still cannot forget the loss of his friends. He asks for information about everyone involved with the gambling house and learns that Han has survived. It is also revealed that Ki-hoon did not survive after returning home. Joon-seok, now better at firing guns, knows that he will never escape Han and returns to South Korea to confront him.


Time to Hunt

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