Tanha Ji

Tanha Ji The Unsung Warrior


In 1647, Tanha ji’s father, Kaloji Malusare trains him in sword-fighting but later succumbs to an area Mughal massacre. 17 years later in 1664, a now-adult Tanhaji together with his younger brother Suryaji, commands Shivaji’s Maratha Army to attack an intruding Mughal cavalry.

In 1665, fearing Shivaji’s Intense Royal expansion in Deccan, the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb dispatches Jai Singh to contain him, winning 33 forts from Shivaji. Then, the Mughal general Beshak Khan orders a fast holiday of the strategic fort at Kondhana, insulting Jijabai, who Oath to stay barefoot until the Marathas recapture the fort. Tanhaji is informed about the treaty also. Five years later, Shivaji’s spy informs him about Aurangzeb’s decide to assign the Kondhana fort to his Rajput general Udaybhan Rathod and to use it as a base for Aurangzeb’s southern imperial expansion. Shivaji plans to remove Kondhana, assuming himself to steer the campaign as Tanhaji, though an able general, cannot be employed thanks to his son Rayba’s upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Tanhaji celebrates Holi together with his family. Marathas begin their war preparations and Shivaji warns his generals to stay Tanhaji from knowing about the campaign. Tanhaji comes at Rajgad for invited Shivaji to Rayba’s wedding. Chandraji Pisal, a Maratha general, reveals Tanhaji about the key plan at his nephew Chultya’s recommendation. Tanhaji convinces Shivaji and Jijabai to allow him to steer the campaign and postpones Rayba’s wedding.


Tanha Ji

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