Serenity Movie based on a man Baker Dill is the captain of a fishing boat living a quiet and sheltered life. He spends his days in a cool, tropical enclave called Plymouth Island and captures a giant yellow tuna, which he calls “justice”. One day, Dill’s ex-wife Karen tracks him down and asks him for help to save her and her husband Patrick, to save her from her new, powerful but violent abusive husband Frank, who offers Dill a $ 10 million Does. Killed him overboard. She tells Dill that Frank is going to arrive later in the week and that she has booked Dill for a fishing trip, which is the perfect chance for Dill to kill Frank.
Torn between his conscience and his desire to help Karen, Dill is in a life he tries to forget, as his world is immersed in a new reality that does not seem so. It soon becomes apparent that Dill is a character in a computer game created by Patrick, based on his father John Mason, an American Marine Corps captain who was killed in 2006 in Iraq. Patrick took the character on his father’s memory. He used to catch fish when he was three years old. When a widow, Karen, remarries, Patrick introduces her mother and abusive stepfather and arrives as new characters in the game and takes Dill’s job from capturing tuna to killing her stepfather. gives. Dill soon realizes that he and the other residents of Plymouth Island are only artificial intelligence characters created by his son. Nevertheless, he decided to leave for the purpose of killing Frank. As Dill aims, Patrick dares Frank to confront him in real life and stabs him in the chest with a knife that belonged to his father. Frank dies and Patrick is charged with murder, but is released from his mother’s custody while awaiting trial. He designs a new computer game in which he and his father reunite.



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