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Poseidon Rex movie story is On a small island off the coast of Belize, diver Jackson Slate is forced by the local crime kingpin Tariq to dive into the Great Blue Hole to find the lost gold. Jackson and two other divers explode to the bottom of the hole to find gold, though the ensuing explosion stops Jackson, and leaves a prehistoric, Tyrannosaurus Rex-type creature in the water, the other two.

Kills divers. As Tariq’s guard on the surface. Meanwhile, the couple Rod and Jane are on vacation on the island and are taken on a ferry by Henry to go snorkeling. However, they come to Jackson swimming in the water, and Henry takes him, as well as Rod and Jane, back to his marine biologist friend Sarah’s home for health. However, he finds a gold coin which was later kept by Jackson and questioned him about it. Jackson reveals his troubles with Tariq, by inviting the group to dive with him to find the rest of the gold.

Everyone leaves except Jackson, who decides not to get into Jackson’s potential crisis, and he stays on the island. Two of Tariq’s men are sent to search for Jackson’s team, although the same reptile has been killed by the creature. Jackson’s group, as well as the local coast guard, discover the wreckage, as well as a grave hand, which Sara had bitten by a giant creature. Nevertheless, Jackson and Sarah plunge into gold for Rod, and Henry stays on the surface and finds a series of eggs belonging to the creature, who decide to take Sarah to the lab to study. Meanwhile, Jane is invited by two tourists to join a boat party. However, the boat is attacked by the creature; Jane is dropped from the boat and sinks while everyone else is killed by the creature. Rod and Henry escape to save him, though it is too late, and he dies, the disastrous Rod. In the lab, the egg hatches, giving birth to a small, identical reptile creature, which attacks Jackson and Sarah, leaving them locked in the refrigerator. Tariq and his man soon arrive to confront Jackson, though he leaves the childlike creature on them, killing them as Jackson, and Sarah escapes, and reunite with Rod and Henry.

Now aware that there is a deadly creature in the water, the group tries to kill the creature on the beach. However, his attempts fail and Henry is killed. The rest of the group returns to shore, and the Coast Guard once again sets out to destroy the creature, though it kills them before attacking, and kills the people on the ground. Jackson, Sarah, and Rod attempt to steal a car, though Tariq arrives, still demanding Jackson to sleep. Jeeva eats Tariq, except for Jackson, Sarah, and Rod.

Jackson decides to fly a plane over the ocean to distract the creature, while Sarah and Rod escape in a boat. However, the creature chases instead of the boat, and Rod attempts to shoot it with Bazooka, though falls into the water, and is eaten. All the fighter jets drop bombs on the creature and injure it, Sara takes Bazooka and removes it, and destroys the creature.


Movie Name: Poseidon Rex
LanguageHindi Dubbed
Released Year: 2013 (USA)
720p (HD)
MKV Size1.4 GB Genres: Action | Drama

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