Panga is an emotional roller coaster story of a middle-class Indian woman, where a forgotten Kabaddi world champion catalyzes an inner desire to offer a replacement aiming to her existing role as a wife and mother and takes a clever decision to return back to the game despite the challenges aged stereotypes and new generation complexities which creates an upheaval in her life as she is torn between societal pressures of family responsibility and love for the game. Jaya Nigam may be a former Kabaddi world champion and current railways ticketing staff who is married to Prashant Sachdeva, railways sr.section engineer, and features a son, Aditya a.k.a. Adi. Currently living in Bhopal after Prashant’s transfer to the town, she is propelled both by the arrival of her former teammate Meenu and a push from Adi, who learns of her achievements through Prashant, to return to the game despite facing challenges of fitness and newer, experienced players. Initially unable to affect the pressures of a busy job and therefore the exercise routines that Adi’s enthusiasm pushes her through, she finally regains composure and, with support from Prashant and Adi, goes on to mark her comeback to the game as a mother of a 7-year-old after her story gets noticed again. How she gets back on her feet because the renewed player forms the remainder of the story.



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