Mrs. Serial Killer

Mrs. Serial Killer


Mrs. Serial Killer is based on a serial killer movie in which Sona Mukherjee in a video call with her husband Mrityunjay Mukherjee aka Joy in which Sona tells her that she is pregnant. Just after the video call, Inspector Imran Shahid, who is also Sona’s ex-boyfriend, visits her home to gather evidence against Joey in serial murder. Sona feels that Shahid is trying to avenge her love to avenge her.
The case of serial killing is of six girls from the city who went missing and their bodies were later found in a separate house owned by Joy. All the girls missing were unmarried, pregnant, and miscarried. Joey, who is also a doctor, is therefore arrested. The honor of the people of Joy city turns into anger. Sona wakes up at night to find Joey. Her sixth Indri reveals that he is trying to do something with Anushka at the clinic, so she immediately drives there so that Anushka can kill Joey. Sona now realizes that he is in fact the killer of six girls and tries to save Anushka, but unsuccessfully, he hands over the table with his skull. Sid is also taken down and fasted by Joey, but he contacts Shahid to tell him what is going on there and later arrives immediately, only to take down Joey and tie him up. goes. Khushi is now going to get Anushka miscarried in front of her. Shahid manages to free Joy to free himself and save others.
Sona wakes up in the hospital, Shahid with her. He tells her that Anushka is not going to file a case against him because he has saved her life. Joey is also rescued by the doctor and is alive, but runs away from the hospital before anyone finds out. Rastogi, who now already knows Joey’s crime, and possibly his role in those murders, acquire Joey and shelters him, for the sequel.


Mrs. Serial Killer

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