Malang is a Bollywood movie based on a love story whose name is Advaita Thakur is a young man who is released from prison after five years. Inspector Anjani Agashe is a rugged drug-addicted cop who kills known criminals and makes them into an encounter. Upon release, Advait immediately calls Agashe and informs him of the upcoming murder of a police officer and is also a good friend of Michael Rodrigues, a cop who plays by the rules, though his personal life is crumbling Is, because his wife Teresa is being. An affair with another man. Later after the murder, he knows that his friend and co-worker, Victor, has been brutally murdered. At the crime scene, Michael meets Agashe and the two immediately reunite with each other: Agashe wants to kill the killer, while Michael wants him in jail. It is speculated that Advaita carried out the assassination and gradually revealed his relationship with both Agashe and Michael. It is shown in flashbacks that Jessie saved Sarah from falling but Sara lost her child. Over the course of five years, Sara and Advaita were planning to take revenge together and it is also shown that the murders were committed by both Sara and Advaita. Suddenly a call comes to Agashe’s assistant and it is informed that Michael has been murdered in his own house. Advaita laughs as a surprised Agashe who kills Michael if Advaita is right in front of him. He reluctantly leaves Advaita as there is no evidence and Teresa tells the police that he saw a man, thus protecting Sarah. Advaita and Sara find peace and begin a new life. The film ends with Agashe, who gets a call from an unknown female callgirl who tells her about the upcoming murder, just as she was informed by Advaita, thus paving the way for the sequel



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