Love Aaj Kal

Love Aaj Kal


Love Aaj Kal is 2020 vs 1970’s love story based Movie in which Zoe and Veer meet at once. The two take leave and decide to spend a night together at Veer’s house but Veer stops Zoe from continuing her action. He tells her that the time is not right. Zoë leaves infamous. Veer keeps chasing Zoe, who eventually confronts her and asks her not to follow him. There is a flashback scene where Leena and Raghuvendra “Raghu” Singh have the same conversation in the 1990s back to back, Veer Mehta leaves them for an interview in the group office and they slowly begin their relationship. . We do. Raghu is an ex-medical student who ran away from Udaipur and now owns several restaurants in Delhi, including cafes, in which Zoe stays out very often. Raj, who is good friends with Zoe, tells her the story of his childhood girlfriend, Leena, thus speculating that she is older than Raghu. He tells her that he used to treat Lina the same as Veer does to Zoe, and tells Loya her childhood memories with Zoe and tells her how he told Lina to dance together said Raj tells her that she should not make the same mistake she did. Zoe leaves the Himalayas for a reunion with Veer. She sees Veer sleeping outside. She goes and rests on him. She says that she will never be able to strike a balance between love and work but still wants to be with him. Veer asks whether she will take a leap with him, to which he agrees, and they reunite and kiss each other.


Love Aaj Kal

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