Kabir Singh

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Kabir Singh is a house surgeon at the Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences. Despite being a gifted student, he has severe management problems with anger, which led to the college’s dean, Vijay K. Reduced Patkar’s anger. Kabir’s aggressive nature also gives him a reputation as a college among his juniors. After a feud with Amit, another college team member who made fun of him during an inter-college football match, Vijay apologized to Kabir or asked him to leave college. Kabir initially chooses to leave but returns after meeting and loving first-year student Preeti Sikka.

Kabir and his friend Shiva enter the third year class and declare that Kabir is in love with Preity, saying that she is exclusive to him. Initially scared, Preity begins to align herself with Kabir’s domineering attitude. He eventually reiterates his feelings, and they develop an intimate relationship. Kabir graduates with an MBBS degree and leaves for Mussoorie to pursue a masters degree in orthopedic surgery. Over the course of three years, Kabir and Preity’s relationship became stronger. Months later, Kabir visits Preeti’s house, where her father, Harpal, sees two kisses and throws Kabir outside. Harpal opposes Preeti and Kabir’s relationship because he dislikes Kabir’s personality. Kabir demanded that Preity should decide within six hours; Otherwise, he will end their relationship. By the time he arranges to go to Kabir’s house, he remains drunk, injects morphine into himself, and faints for two days, remembering his elder brother Karan’s marriage in the process. is. is. Preity forcibly marries Jatinder, another person of his caste. Kabir knows about Shiva’s marriage and visits her house in protest. He is assaulted and arrested for making a scene. Kabir’s father, Rajadheer, instigates him from the family home to damage his reputation. With the help of Shiva, Kabir finds a rented flat and is admitted to a private hospital as a surgeon. Facing his feelings, he starts taking drugs, tries one night, buys a pet dog and in the name of Preity, and drinks alcohol; However, all these measures are unsuccessful. Within months, he becomes a successful surgeon and is a high-functioning alcoholic, feared by hospital staff members, one of the reasons being his high surgery count. Kabir’s self-destructive behavior and refusal to worry about Shiva and Kamal. He convinces one of his patients, Jiya Sharma, a prominent film star who has no connection with whom he falls in love with. Karan comes to Kabir’s flat and unsuccessfully convinces him to return home. One day on leave, Kabir reluctantly agreed to perform a life-saving surgical operation. During surgery, he collapses with dehydration. The hospital chief files a case against Kabir, who confesses the truth on the grounds of violation of his professional ethics during an in-house court hearing, despite Shiva and Karan arranging to oust him. Kabir’s medical license has been revoked for five years, and he has been removed from the flat. The next morning, Shiva goes to Kabir to tell him about his grandmother Sadhana Kaur’s death; He meets Rajadheer, and they reconcile. Kabir soon ends his self-destructive habits.

On his way to leave, Kabir meets a pregnant Preeti sitting in a park. Dixit told that Preity left Jatinder after three days of marriage and continued working in a clinic. She tells Kabir that he is the father of the child, and they meet again. The couple gets married and Harpal apologizes for mistaking their love for each other. After taking pictures of their wedding with Kabir’s family, the film ends with the couple on the beach with their child.


Kabir Singh

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