Kaali Season 02

The story of the Season 2 Kaali web series on Zee 5 is the story of a single mother who goes to the corner to raise money for her only son’s operation. In her desperation, she loses sight of right from wrong. She gets trapped in a drug cartel and finds herself selling consignments to raise money. Zee5 Kali Season 2 explores the dark side of Kolkata’s underbelly. The story of the Zee 5 web series Cali 2 can be considered one of the fully designed sequels as far as the Bengali web series is concerned. Shooting the thrill into the story with the flashbacks required for season 1’s unseen stories, Kali is back with a bang of season 2 thrill – much higher intensity. A real mother’s heart escapes her body and stays on her palm, where she goes to any possible extent to save her son Sunny’s life, as shown in the first season. Under the vigorous guidance of her boyfriend SBO Aniket Banerjee and Joint Commissioner Sanatani, Kali agreed to serve as a state witness against the Shanghai drug king – Genyang, enforcing nearly 100 orders to carry out merciless violence is. Six months later, when Kali begins in Ashok Nagar via a beauty parlor, Gyeong’s men are killed by Kolkata Police en route to the Vietnam government’s exile, witnessing Sunny’s slow but steady recovery. Despite the intervention of DCP Manvi Gupta of the Central Police Force in the mission, SBO Aniket Banerjee had to let go of Jinliang with the death penalty of his junior colleague, Inspector Satyaki, after hearing that Kaili was held hostage with his son. is kept. One of Jinyang’s men in Ashok Nagar. The battle begins six months after the face-to-face battle, which is to get Kalian, to win Jianlag’s orders.



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