Happy Wedding

Happy Wedding


Happy Wedding movie is based on a Harikrishnan aka Hari could be a young technologist. He typically spends time together with his first cousin Manu, United Nations agency could be a flirt. Hari is in a very relationship with a woman Lakshmi, however, she herself could be a bubbly lady. Hari, Manu, and an acquaintance, Paul Achiyan, visit her. Hari’s heart breaks once Lakshmi starts moving nearer to the opposite boy. He leaves Manu quickly. As Hari and Manu ar drinking, they decide a person, thinking that he’s a waiter and asks for brewage from him. the person reveals that he’s not a waiter and joins them. He tells them that he’s a psychological feature speaker and also the boys tie him and decision him, brother. As they’re discussing regarding Lakshmi, Manu same that Hari could be a one that perpetually learns the tricks of affection. Bhai asks Hari to inform him regarding his faculty story. Hari associate degreed Manu was in an engineering faculty with friends, Tyson, Parikutty, Asha, etc. Hari fell loving with Shahina. Everything goes well, Hari enjoys with Shahina, Manu spends time as an entire zwieback and everything goes well. Shortly when going away faculty, Hari, Manu, and Michael Gerald Tyson are caught by the police. With Hari’s shock, they see Shahina’s father there. they’re aghast to find out that Shahina is missing and Hari is that the main suspect. Sub-Inspector Happy Paul, United Nations agency desires all cases to own a cheerful ending, tries to question the boys. when knowing the connection of Hari and Shahina, he offers her all his support. But then, Shahina walks to the station with Parikutty. it’s unconcealed that Shahina and Pareekutty were in a very relationship long before Hari met Shahina. Shahina’s folk’s are happy, however, Hari is heartsick. Presently, Bhai advises Hari to reject Lakshmi utterly and keep sturdy herself. Following Bhai’s recommendation, Hari tells Lakshmi that she isn’t a toy. Meanwhile, Manu tells Bhai that they need to persuade Hari to satisfy the lady United Nations agency organized Hari’s mother. once Hari comes back, they raise him to examine the lady, to that he reluctantly agrees. successive day, Hari and his gang move to see the lady. He sees the lady and isn’t utterly convinced. however once she goes to speak to him, he realizes that she isn’t a true lady. To Hari’s surprise and happiness, the particular lady is shown as Drishya. They marry later. As presently because the 3 depart, Lakshmi calls once more. She asks Hari to decision her, to that Hari replies that he can decide her to her wedding. after they turned to raise the brother for his opinion, they found him missing. He learns that he has not obtained his signaling and doesn’t even grasp his real name. As they look for the brother, Hari incorporates a vision that the brother is Lord Krishna, United Nations agency came to unravel his love issues. once he tries to inform Manu, he’s unable to make a case for|to elucidate|to clarify} a way to explain it to them and that they leave. It is then unconcealed that the brother isn’t a god, however a wedding broker. He runs matrimony referred to as Happy Wedding Matrimony and was told by Hari’s mother to search out an appropriate bride. The brother vows to urge married, that if they match the 2, he can marry them. It additionally reveals that meeting Drishya within the bus was additionally a district of Bhai’s decision to unite the 2. He then makes another wedding trot out his 2 assistants.


Happy Wedding

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