Unlock- The Haunted App (2020)


Unlock- The Haunted App webseries is based on story of a hacked life who were control from mobile Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that gave you the deepest desire in just three tasks? When Suhani realizes that Amar, the love of her life is about to be lost to her roommate Riddhi, there is practically nothing she can do to recreate things. Suhani was seen so close with Amar for some time to learn about the cameras from his home to his likes and dislikes. When all the doors are closed, Suhani gets a chance to establish a friend from the other side, an app that closes Deep Web, which fulfills one of their wishes but with a catch; There are three tasks that need to be completed. As she accepts the app to access her contacts and details, Suhani’s relationship with Amar really begins to progress and it is clear that the app is not just any app, but also supernatural in nature. A sinister unit covered in devilish smoke appears in places where the app is being used; Ensuring that the tasks are done correctly. Suhani has been seen so close for some time with a boy named Amar to put cameras in his house, knowing his likes and dislikes. When all the doors are closed, Suhani has the opportunity to install Friends of Deep Web, an app that fulfills one of her wishes, but with three tasks that need to be completed. The tasks are not some simple tasks, but involve killing and killing innocent people. When Suhani is already too deep, in her journey to win from Amar, she wants to quit, but no app can leave her in the middle. She realizes that she is trapped and has to finish work to escape.



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