The last kingdom

The last kingdom (Complete Seasons 1 – 4)


The Last kingdom Full Netflix Webseries based on Osbert is 9 years old and the second son of Uhtred, Lord Alderman of Babbanburg, Northumbria. Dens killed Babenberg and Alderman Uhtred’s first son, also known as Uhtred, and his body was taken down after he was sent out to intimidate the attackers. Osbert is now the oldest son of Alderman Uhtred and is renamed Uhtred. Alderman Uhtred tries to avenge his son’s death but is killed during a failed attack on Eoferwick (York) and Uhtred is captured by the Danish earl, Ragnar the Fearless. Due to attempting an attack on the boy during the fight, Ragnar intrigued and amused, maintains him as an adventurer in his home. Uhtred’s uncle, Riclfric, takes the titles of Bebbanburg and Ealdorman for himself, although Uhtred is the rightful heir. Uintred describes his life among the Danes, moves into the country with Ragnar and his men, acts like a slave and fights with other boys, slaves and dens alike. Uhtred befriended Ragnar’s youngest son, Roerich, and especially had several skirmishes with Kjartan’s son Sven, a shipmaster in Ragnar’s small fleet. One day, Sven kidnaps Regnar’s daughter Thyra and removes part of her clothing in an attempt to sexually abuse her. Uhtred accuses Sven of concealing him, attacking Sven with his sword. Uhtred, Roerich, and Thyra run back to Ragnar’s hall. Angry, furious and deeply enraged, Kajratan is banished from his service, and crushes one of Sven’s eyes with the hilt of his sword – adding to the darkness that he must have crushed the two, Sven taunts Thea. Was completely naked Uhtred then roams across East Anglia, and participates in the conquest of Murcia and East Anglia, and invades Wessex. He is kidnapped by a priest, Bekoka, an old family friend. He then escapes from Wessex and rejoins his adopted father, Ragnar. Uhtred enjoys life with Danes, but Kjartan escapes after killing Kagnartan in revenge, after kidnapping Thyra to burn his hall inside with his former lord. Uhtred hopes to escape the Kjartan murderers by spreading rumors that he too died of burns. Uhtred then joins King Alfred in Wessex. There he learns to read and write and sets sail against Alfred’s fleet of 12 ships. After a fight with Dens, he again meets Ragnar the Younger, Earl Ragnar’s eldest son, and tells him how his father died and Thyra is still alive. They swear to friends that one day they will band together to take revenge from Kazaratan and free Thayra. Taking command of the fleet, Uhtred takes advantage on the condition that he marries Mildrith, an orphaned Wessex girl whose family is in debt to the church. Having done this, he participates in a siege against Guthrum and is among a group of hostages, when the Danes and the Saxons agree on peace. While staying with Dan in the city over the winter, he again meets Ragnar, who saves him from death when Guthrum breaks the peace and murders the other Saxon hostages. Uhtred runs away to find his wife. He was taken north by Odda the Younger, another Wessex Alderman (earl or noble). There he fights in the Battle of Senwit, where Uhtred finds himself fighting with the Danes of Uba Lothrobxan.


The last kingdom
The last kingdom
The last kingdom
The last kingdom

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Movie Name: The Last kingdom
Language: Hindi Dual Audio
Released Year: 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020 (India)
Quality: 720p and 480p
Size:  As per Seasons
Format: MKV

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