Movies is based on a slap that a Vikram slap his wife on Amrita Sabharwal after that Amrita is a housewife and spends her days looking after Vikram. They throw a party at the house to celebrate Vikram’s publicity that will transfer him to London. However, at the party, Vikram gets a call informing him that his promotional contract for his juniors has been contracted. Inspired, he gets into an argument with his superior, whom he accuses twice. When Amrita tries to break the argument, Vikram angrily slaps her in front of everyone. The incident shakes him up; She loses her self-respect and her love for Vikram. Vikram did not apologize, saying that he was upset, he got in the way, and things happened. Vikram’s superior informs him that the board changed its mind and Vikram gets a promotion. He mentions how on the night of the party, even though Vikram was arguing with him, he did not slap his superior even once but raised his hands on Amrita. Vikram realizes that he is wrong and never apologizes to Amrita. When the two meets to finalize the divorce, he properly apologizes to her and tells her that he declined the promotion and quit the job. He explains that he will start from scratch again and will try to win back what he deserves. They complete the formalities and participate with renewed hope.



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