Sufna (Punjab 2020)

Sufna is Punjabi lovestory movie in which Teg (Tania) lives with her father’s older brother and Tai. His mother was Muslim and died. His father was part of the army and he says he is lost. Teg believes his father is still alive and he will come home. Jeet (Ammi Virk) is a care free boy. His father committed suicide because he could not pay his debts.

She falls in love with Teg when she comes to her village to get cotton. Tegg encouraged Zeenat to learn / study so that he could become something in his life and repay his father’s debt. When Teg returns after 13 months, he finds that Jean had gone on to higher studies. She becomes really happy that he listened to her. Zeenat secretly arrives at Tegg and once more buys phones and pastries from her. Whenever she is working in someone’s house, Teg calls Zeenat on the phone.

She later gets engaged. She tells Zeenat that she can never meet him because she is engaged and she gives him one of her mother’s jewels. He told her to sell it so that she could get a job. Zeenat tells the boy (who is marrying Teg) that Teg is a bad girl. But later tells him that he loves her. Teg’s fiance says he will help them. He tells Teg Ki Tai, instead of helping them. Teg is about to get married, but she runs away and hides in a house she works in. Jeet arrives and finds that she has fainted. He brings her back to her Tai’s house. She tells her uncle that you guys have raised me so you have the right to work me anywhere. His uncle started beating his aunt. But Teg tells him that Tai must have treated me badly, but he never let me sleep hungry. This made Tai’s heart melt and Teg and Zeenat got married.

A few months later, the victory returns and he is now in the army. Teg says that he has found his military (army officer / father [his father was in the army).



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Movie Name: Sufna
Language: Punjabi
Released Year: 2020 (India)
Quality: 720p Full HD
Size: 1.21 GB
Format: MKV

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