Shukranu is a fictional story based on true events. During the Emergency in 1976, an estimated 6.2 million men were forced into sterilization. Two thousand of them lost their lives due to botched operation. Set in Delhi / UP / Haryana, Sperm is a comic take on the darkest stages of Indian democracy through the encounters of a groom forcibly sterilized a few days before the marriage of a multi-bride. The title is the Hindi word for sperm, so it follows that the Zee 5 film Shukaranu is about all men. The main item on display here is Inder (Divyendu), an employee at a factory who supports a time-tested method to compensate for his perceived lack of manhood – he has an extra-marital relationship. The eternal love triangle is provided by a turning emergency, a period between 1975 and 1977 when democratic rights were suspended and men were brutally sterilized as an overpopulation control measure. As Inder makes her way to her marriage, she is kidnapped and her reproductive ability is enhanced. Too shy to accept what has happened, he proceeds with Knapp.



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