That same night, Vasanth’s murderers attack baboo and Sathya, and baboo is killed within the method of shooting the murderers to death. Sathya watches AN MMS within the murderers’ phone sent by Anuya instructing to kill him. Sathya meets Anuya at her house, wherever Ria is hidden. Anuya reveals that Gowtham needed to kill Ria and organized the attack, when that she found Ria in Bobby’s custody. Gowtham needed Shweta to suffer; he convinced all his friends and family to faux that Ria ne’er existed, speech communication Shweta cannot bear the shock of Ria’s death. Before Anuya may kill Sathya, Chowdary shoots her when being attentive to the oral communication on his thanks to the house together with his subordinates. Gowtham is inactive and divulges that Ria wasn’t his female offspring, as a study confirmed him sterile within the past. Sathya recollects that on their last night along in Asian country before separation, he and Shweta had intercourse. As Sathya realizes that Ria is his biological kid and approaches her, he sees a mirrored image of Shweta smiling at him.



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