My Clients Wife

My Clients Wife (2020)


My clients wife is a very bad film. For 95 out of its 100 minutes, it plays as a charming, staged, 80s thriller – where a lawyer (Sharib Hashmi) investigates the shadow wife (Anjali Patil) of a client (Abhimanyu Singh): Hai, who is sent to prison for murder – and then features a final “twist”, designed to fully explain why the film looked so difficult all along.

I can almost imagine the producers making a bad film (“method filmmaking”) to throw the audience away, but then telling me that I only put weight before the epidemic so that I don’t lose weight during lockdown I can do it. No twist in the world can make for a Hitchcockian hangover (imagining a crazy island version of Psycho) that learns about the story as it unfolds.

The same incident is recited many times from different perspectives – by imprisoned husbands, wounded wives, horned watchmen and timid gardeners. At any point, a character appears to lean around the huge house, looking behind the curtain and slowly passing the film’s length mark as a feature-length production. Draws the hour mark. Everyone in the film looks at the lawyer suspiciously; The camera swings over them and the background score acts as if it were seen who Keiser Soz was among the usual suspects. It reaches a point where even if a stray dog ​​accidentally falls into a frame, the camera must swing over our innocent eyes to cast an element of doubt on our heads.


My Clients Wife
My Clients Wife
My Clients Wife

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Movie Name: My Clients Wife
Language: Hindi
Released Year: 2020 (India)
Quality: 720p
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