Leroy & Stitch

Leroy & Stitch


Leroy & Stitch is the movie animated in English USA. Leroy & Stitch With their mission to capture all 624 experiments and reintroduce them to Earth to complete, Leelo, Stich, Zumba, and Pluckley have been honored as heroes by the Galactic Alliance. Zumba was again given the confiscated key in his lab, Pleckley was offered a position as president of Earth Studies at the GACC. (Galactic Alliance Community College), and Stich is made captain of the Galactic Armada and commander of its newly commissioned ship BRB-9000 (Big Red Battleship 9000). Lilo is made the ambassador of the Galactic Federation for Earth and is the sole patron of Stich’s “cousins”. Before he leaves, Lilo stitches Zumba with his favorite Elvis records, a rock necklace with Plykle A Paperweight (which is actually an earth rock) and Kai Rock Tiki In his ship, Gantu has decided that since he has failed to capture all the experiments (except 625), he has a Dr. Hemsworthial needs to be taken out of prison. He takes a two-man space shuttle, leaving only 625 to help Hempstereal escape from prison. Stich is then assigned to re-appoint Hemastervial. Hamstervial and Gantu sneak into Zumba’s lab and force Zumba to defeat a rogue twin of Lactoy to the Galactic Alliance. Stitch arrives and after a fight, he loses when Pleckley appears in an indirect moment, with Strow craving to distract the stick and lock it into a glass capsule. Hemasterviel reveals his plan to clone an army of Leroys to capture the Galactic Alliance. On Earth, a Leroy clone acquires Leo’s scrapbook “cousin” and quickly grabs them all (including Mytal). Leelo and Reuben arrive in Tro, but they are too late; Hemasterviel takes over, leading the Grand Councilwoman to be her receptionist, and orders Gantu to shut her down. Gantu imprisons Leelo and Reuben in prison, but Hamsterweil decides to release him after setting him on fire. The van suddenly appears. With no time to explain, Lilo, Reuben and Gantu all head inside and head for Earth. On Earth, the original Leroy did all the experiments in a big stadium where “Alohapalooja” is about to take place. The BRB-9000 appears and prepares to illiterate all experiments until the timely appearance by Hemstervial, Lilo, Stich and others and destroying BRB’s primary cannon. Hemstervial revealed that he had brought along his Leroy army as a backup. Stitch stops his “cousin” and the fight ensues. Despite some early wins by experiments, it soon becomes clear that the rivals are better than him. Zumba remembers that he programmed a secret shutdown command at Leroy: If he plays Elvis Presley’s “Aloha ‘Oi, the others will be inactive. Stitch appears on stage in his Elvis costume, and Lilo And “Aloha ‘play the role of Oi. Reuben, leading to violent seizures and closure near Leroys. With his plan thwarted again, Hemsterviel was banished and sent back to prison. Back at the Galactic Alliance headquarters, he has declared the “Heroes of the Alliance”. Stitch asks Zumba and Pleckley to allow him to return to Earth with Leelo. The Grand Counselor grants it and asks Gantu if he wants to be reinstated as the captain of Armada. Gantu agrees on the condition that Reuben is assigned as his galley officer. Back on Earth, Lilo sets up for one final picture. Martel arrives with Gigi (during the fight, Mertel was with Gigi and can talk to when he finds out that Gigi is one of Zumba’s experiments). The final picture of Lilo in the album is still of Earth, Myrtle, Zumba, Pleckley, Nani, David, and all the experiments done on themselves. Meanwhile, Leroy and all his clones, who have recovered from their recovery, are dancing to the song “Jailhouse Rock” (with Hempsterville angrily slapping their feet). As a credit roll, a complete list of Zumba’s experiments is 001 through 626, and the names that were given by Lilo (and Lilo and Stitch: other characters in some instances during the series), [c] left of the screen. . Scrolls to the side.


Leroy & Stitch

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