How to Train to Your Dragon 2

How to Train to Your Dragon 2 (2014)


How to Train to Your Dragon 2 is a 2014 American computer-animated action-fantasy film based on the book series of the same name, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. After five years of Burke’s viking villagers and dragons living in peace, they live in harmony together. Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless the Night Fury (possibly the last of its kind) search and map of unexplained lands. Now 20 years old, he is pressured by his father, Stick the West, to make him the chief, although Hiccup feels he is ready. Examining a burnt forest, Hiccup and Astrid discover the remains of a fortress that is encased in ice and meet a dangerous group of dragon-trailers. One of the trappers, Irate, blames them both for the destruction of their fortress and attempts to capture their dragons for the Trappers’ leader, Drago Bulldavist, who captures all the dragons and brainwashes them and Plots his soldiers to hiccup and Astrid escape. And the dragon army warns Stick about the dragons. The wand orders the villagers to strengthen the island and prepare for battle. Hiccup, however, refuses to accept the war as inevitable and runs away to talk to the inspector. Stock stops him, explaining that he once met Drago at a gathering of chiefs, where Drago offered to save him from the dragons if they vowed to serve him; When he refused, he attacked his dragon, with Stick being the only survivor. Hurtful, Hiccup flies with Toothless in search of Drago to try to reason with him. They meet a dragon-rider named Valka, who appears as Hiccup’s long-lost mother. She reveals that she, like her son, could not bring herself to kill the dragons. After the dragons were carried out during the raid, they spent 20 years rescuing the dragons from dragons’ traps and were brought to the nest of an island made of ice by a giant alpha dragon, called the “Beastlebeast”, a small dragon. Is able to control. . Stick and his lieutenant Gobber track Hiccup to the nest, where Stick realizes that his wife is alive. Meanwhile, Astrid and the other riders force Eret to take them to the cart. Drago captures them and sends his armada to attack the dragon’s nest, learning the Burke’s dragons, while the riders flee with the help of Eret. In the nest, a battle ensues between the dragon-rider, Vulka’s dragons, and Drago and his armada, during which Drogo discovers that he has his own Beauvestbeast to challenge Alpha. The two colossal dragons battle, teaming up with the Berastub of Drago to kill their opponent and become the new alpha. Bevorst of Darogo seizes control of all adult dragons, who follow hypnotically. Hiccup tries to convince Daroga to end the violence, but Daroga kills him. Toothless, under the influence of the Bewolstbeast, goes to Hiccup and launches a plasma bolt towards him, but the stick pushes Hiccup from afar and is killed instead. Bewilderbeast momentarily relinquishes Toothless’s control, but Hiccup takes Toothless away in a state of despair and heartbreak. Drago hiccups and re-rides Toothless on the island and under the control of Berokbest, who leads his forces to conquer Burke. Stick is given a Viking funeral and Hiccup, now lost to both his father and the dragon, is unsure what to do and is emotionally distraught over Stick’s death. Valka excitedly tells him that he can unite humans and dragons alone. Inspired by her words and her father, Hiccup returns to Burke to stop Drago. Dragon-riders blow up baby dragons, immune to Beverstbust’s control, back to Burke. They find that the inspector has attacked the village and taken its dragons under their control. Hiccup faced Drogo and a Brainwash Toothless, while the other riders distracted Bevelbust. Hiccup frees Toothless from Bevolstbust’s control, much to Drago’s surprise. Hiccup and Toothless separate the drug from Bevastbet and slam Drogo to the ground, but Bevorsby attacks him, pushing him into the ice. Toothless, however, bursts with ice, suggesting that both Hiccup and he are indifferent. Toothless then challenges Bewilderbeast, shooting it repeatedly in the face, breaking his control over the other dragons, who form Toothless as the new Alpha. By the time Toothless fires with one final big explosion, all the dragons fire repeatedly at Beverstabel, breaking his left. Defeated, Beverstbet retreated with Drago on his back, causing the latter to drown.


How to Train to Your Dragon 2

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