Hacked is a story of a boy Vivek who has a crush on her neighbor but the girl said that he is only a friend and then the boy’s heart is broken and the Sameera Khanna who is a girl works in a magazine company; He has a neighbor. Sam has a very delicate relationship with his lover, a film director Om Kapoor, as he forms a relationship with her whenever he likes feelings. Sam has a birthday party at his apartment, where all his friends and co-workers are invited when Om does not attend the party, he breaks up, Vivek helps clean up the apartment and Sam suddenly Breaks down and tells Om about Vivek in a state of intoxication. Vivek tries to console her and in the process, Sam kisses her. Vivek has sexual intercourse and has passionate sex. The next morning, Sam wakes up and is shocked to see Vivek sleeping next to him. Om rings the bell and Sam gets worried, Vivek says that it is okay to which Sam says she will talk to him later. Sam is still thinking about the previous night in the office meeting with his boss, yelling at him for being absent from the meeting. Vivek, who is outside, listens to this and receives a meal for Sam in response and sends everyone else to lunch. Sam is upset and warns Vivek that whatever happened on the previous night was a mistake, and warns him not to interfere in her personal life. The next day, however, Sam sees that he is not able to enter his office when his boss informs him that the company’s files have been hacked from his laptop. Confused, Sam receives a call from Vivek who reveals that he has hacked the company’s files to teach Sam a lesson. Vivek first dodges police records and uploads the name of a mobile vendor, as he refuses to correct Sam’s phone. Sam calls Vivek to a cafe and asks him what he has done. Vivek realizes that he loves her and can do anything for her, in response to which Sam slaps her in front of everyone and warns her to stay away from him. Vivek was furious at the event. They believe that the technical experts at Sam’s company believe that it was Sam who leaked the files, which led to his removal. Om Kapoor takes Sam on holiday in Goa to rest again. Vivek leaks photos of Sam and Om on the internet, describing them as intimate. Om publicly denies their relationship, which leaves Sam wholeheartedly. Sam agrees to remove the life support of his dying mother as he had no chance to live. Along with her neighbor Rohan Mehra (Mohit Malhotra), she then files a complaint against Vivek for her activities. Vivek kills his grandmother after threatening to uncover her true nature as she dropped out of college and has been lying to her family for months. In the end, Sam takes revenge after killing her when he erases all evidence that would prove that Sam killed him. The case is closed and the police have no proof of who murdered Vivek. Sam is shown walking out of the office with Rohan and is shown that Sam has started a new life with him.



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