Gulabo Sitabo

Gulabo Sitabo


Gulabo Sitabo is a movie based on a story of Chunnan ‘Mirza’ Nawab is a stingy old man who most people know as a greedy miser. His wife, Fatima Begum (Farooq Jaffer), who is 17 years older than him, is the mistress of Fatima Mahal, a run-down mansion in Lucknow, whose rooms are being rented out to various tenants, many of whom are not suitable. The payment of the rent leaves Mirza with responsibility for the property, but Mirza cannot wait for Begum’s death, so the mansion can be sent to her. Banke Rastogi (Ayushman Khurana) is a poor tenant in the mansion who lives with his mother and three sisters. He owns a wheat mill shop and makes frequent excuses and claims why he cannot pay his long-overdue rent, while all other tenants are being paid a reduced fee, from Pilgrimage to Mirza also for. Consequently, Mirza disguised them to pay their dues whenever they crossed paths. This causes Banke to get irritated again and again, and angrily he falls down the wall of the toilet block, which collapses, making Mirza angry, which costs Banke the entire repair cost. Banke, however, does not pay, so Mirza strives to make his and his family’s lives in every way possible. This is the last straw for Banke, exacting revenge from Mirza. He gets an opportunity when archaeologist Dnyanesh Shukla (Vijay Raj), who works for the government, discovers the historical value of the property. He quickly plans to seize it, evict everyone living in it, and declare it a government-owned heritage site. Gyanesh told Banke about his plans, claiming that alternative accommodation would be made available for the evicted people. Banke realizes that Mirza will lose his grip on the mansion, so supports Dnyanesh with his intentions. Unfortunately, Dnyanesh offers alternative accommodation for the bunk and other tenants have false claims, and Dnyanesh brings something to declare the mansion a heritage site, and also states that all tenants should vacate the house. Arguments and quarrels begin as a bunk and the tenants are angry that they will not get an alternative accommodation, as promised to them. But then Christopher comes with Munmun and the developers, and a suitcase full of money for Mirza and the tenants. Mirza sees the tenants taking some money, and sits on the suitcase and announces all the money for further debate and quarrel. However, they are suddenly interrupted when a maid announces that Begum is gone. Mirza said secretly for the first time, Begum has passed away and the mansion is now hers. However, Begum’s letter (initially mistaken for a will) reveals that Begum is still alive, selling the mansion for one rupee to save and save her old lover Abdul Rahman, and the plan of Yamdoot Is failing. Everyone goes out, sad to leave the old mansion. When Begum returns to the mansion to celebrate her 95th birthday, it is closed by her. Begum left behind an antique chair for Mirza, and he remarked to Banki that he sold it locally for 250 rupees. The film stops showing a chair at an antique shop in Mumbai, priced at Rs 135,000.


Gulabo Sitabo

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