The Flu (2013)


The flu movie based on a virus of rats when two Brothers Joo Byung-woo and Joo Byung-ki are smugglers in Seoul who find out that an unknown disease has killed illegal migrants in a shipping container. They take a cellphone video of the only surviving Monassai and bodies to show their boss in Budang, but Byung-woo becomes ill and Monsai survives. The brothers go to a clinic, where the finger is given to others who spread it throughout the city. At the Contagion Center in Budung, DRS. Kim In-hai was reprimanded for missing important data when his car fell down a mine shaft the previous day. His bag is retrieved from the shaft by ERT members Kang Ji-goo and Ba Kyung-ub. Mi-reu. Byung-woo’s condition worsens and he vomits blood. His brother takes him to an emergency room, where he is isolated from the unknown flu. When asked to help, the in-cell cellphone finds the video and reveals that the conditions in the shipping container allow the virus to mute. Byung-ki refuses to answer questions about the container. Byung-woo dies, and Byung-ki exposes several hospital staff while struggling to find her brother. The next day, many more people show obvious symptoms. With the help of KCDC, hospital staff locates and infect the shipping container. However, the rats feeding the corpses fled to the city. Staff determines that the invasive virus is a mutated H5N1 strain that can kill within 36 hours, and call the city into quarantine. In-ha and the medical staff run away from the crowd, but Byung-ki kills Bonsai in a suicide attack to avenge his brother’s death. Mi-reu begins to recover, and Ji-ogo leads her to the highway to meet Hye-in. However, Gut-hwan, an infected person who is instigating the unrest, leads the armed mob towards the highway. Learning that Mi-reu has antibodies, Gook-hwan shoots at Ji-ogo, resulting in a deadly gunfight between the mob and soldiers. Mi-reu hiding Ji-goo, who recovers completely.



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Movie Name: The Flu
Language: Korean {English Subtitles}
Released Year: 2013 (Korea)
Quality: 720p
Size:  1GB
Format: MKV

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