Extraction (2020)


Extraction movie is based on After a day at school, Ovi Mahajan – the son of a disorganized Indian drug lord – escapes from his home to visit a club, where he is kidnapped by police officers for rival drug lord Aamir Asif. Works. Saju Rao, a former para (SF) operator and protector of Ovi, visits Ovi’s father in jail. Not paying the ransom, it damages the reputation of Ovi’s father, with Ovi Mahajan Sr. ordering Saju to bring his son back again, threatening Saju’s own family. Tyler Reck, a black market trader and former SASR operative, is recruited by fellow businessman Nick Khan to free Ovi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rake and Khan’s team prepare to evacuate Ovi, as his father’s men are ready to pay him after Ovi is recovered. Rake rescues Ovi, kills his prisoners, and takes him to the extraction point, but his father’s men intentionally fail to transfer the money. Saju, instead, kills Reiki’s comrades, to bring back Ovi himself to avoid any payment to the mercenary group. Learning of Ovi’s escape, Asif ordered the immediate closure of Dhaka, securing all the bridges in the city. Khan arranges for a helicopter to take the rake outside the city and tells him to leave Ovi as they will not get paid for Ovi’s extraction contract. He refuses, remembering the memories of his own son, who died of lymphoma at an early age. After escaping from Saju and corrupt police and tactical units, Rake fights a gang of boys led by Farhad, a young criminal who was determined to impress Asif. Rake called his friend Gaspar, a retired squad-mate living in Dhaka, and he and Ovi lay low at Gaspark’s house. Gaspar reveals that Asif has placed a $ 10 million reward on Ovi, which he offers to share if Rake allows him to kill the goddess. Rake refuses and fights Gaspar, who gains the upper hand, but is shot by Ovi. Rake calls Saju and asks for his help, forcing him to flee Dhaka. Rake deflects attention from a disguised Saju and Ovi as the two make their way through a bridge outpost, then to cover their escape. Khan and his remaining mercenaries arrive in the opposite direction of the bridge, as Asif observes from the telescope. In the ensuing shelling, Saiju is snatched by Asif’s colonel, who is in turn snatched by Khan. Injured, Rake instructs Ovi to walk by helicopter waiting for Khan. As Rake is pursued, he is shot in the neck by Farhad and falls into the river, seeing Ovi safe. Ovi, Khan and the extraction team fled to Mumbai. Eight months later, Khan kills Asif in the men’s toilet. Ovi jumps into her school’s swimming pool and surfaces so that a man can see her.



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