Dark (2020)


Children begin disappearing from the German city of Winden, with broken relationships, double lives, and the dark past of the four families who live there, and uncover a mystery that lasts four generations. The story begins in 2019, but was expanded to include the story in 1986 and expanded through time travel in 1953, as some of the characters from the show’s main families in a cave system beneath a local nuclear power plant in Wormhole are found. The influential Tiedemann family, which is aware of existence. During the first season, secrets about the Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann families begin to unravel, and their lives begin to crumble as the relationship between the city’s and its citizens’ missing children and hospices becomes apparent.

The second season attempted reunions with their missing loved ones, in 2020, 1987 and 1954, several months after the first season. Additional story-lines established in 2053 and 1921 add new aspects to the mysteries, and the Seek Mundus Fellowship is a major force in the underlying battle for the ultimate fate of the people of the secret Winden, as explored over the seasons. The apocalypse goes down – the destruction of Winden and the death of many of its citizens.

The third and final season follows a family of four in the wake of the apocalypse in 2020, as well as the introduction of a parallel world whose events interview people from the first world. The season is set primarily in 1888, 1954, 1987, 2020 and 2053 in the first world, and in 2019 and 2052 in the second world, as both characters work to detect a repetitive cycle of events in Winden around the world Huh. Huh.



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