Comali 2019


Comali is a movie based on a story of a boy Ravi is a school student whose father introduced him to many morals, such as being fair to all. He is in love with his classmate Nikita and has tried to propose to her, but could not succeed. After building up the courage, he decides to propose her. On 31 December 1999, he declares his love, although, at that exact moment, a punk Dharmaraja breaks into the scene and takes Nikita as a human shield while fleeing after killing the rival gangster, Gaza. Ravi falls into the grip of a truck and simultaneously beats his head on the grill of a car while trying to save it and the Comforts run out. After 16 years, Ravi wakes up. He finds that things have changed considerably over the years, in the fact that his father died, and his sister marries his best friend Mani. Doctor Thiazesh, who is treating Ravi, asks Mani to fulfill any wish of Ravi as he has missed 16 years of his life and so he has every chance of getting into depression and he himself May try to kill someone. Fulfilling Ravi’s first wish, Mani takes Ravi to Nikita’s house, only to realize that he is married and her husband is Thiyajesh. Nikita, not wanting to embarrass her husband, lies that she did not like Ravi and rejects his offer that day. Manny tries to please Ravi by helping him find a girl through a matrimonial website. Ravi immediately likes Ritika, whom she saw on the website and also during her niece’s birthday party. She is also a friend of Ravi’s sister. After talking on the phone, Ritika likes Ravi and agrees to meet him. Still an innocent teenager at heart, Ravi mistakes Rithika’s Pota (air kiss) while taking his own as her consent to kiss and kiss her. Ritika did not expect this, slapping her on the middle road. It is out of proportion with the public and the media. Ravi’s sister harasses him to create more problems besides debt. Ravi plans to go inside Dharmaraj’s house as a distant relative, using Thiyajesh as a scout. Ravi, Mani and Nikita go to Dharmaraj’s house and distract Dharmaraj’s pregnant wife, while Ravi then tries to steal the statue and replace her with a duplicate. However, he is caught red-handed by Dharmaraj’s wife, who attempts to inform her husband. But before he can talk to Dharmaraja, he slips and falls down and goes into childbirth and Ravi takes him to the hospital, out of consideration of humanity. En Marg, Ravi’s auto gets stuck in the flood due to heavy drift, so he takes Dharmaraj’s wife to the hospital to help people on the road. Ravi realizes that despite all the changes in society, humanity still exists. Meanwhile, Dharmaraja hears about his wife and reaches the hospital. After learning that Ravi had helped his wife and that their child was born safely, he thanked Ravi, retained the idol, and felt fine with her. During the credits, Ravi learns that his emotional temper at Nikita’s home was filmed by Hrithik and was made viral on social media by giving him money, which helped him pay Mani’s debt and became a YouTube celebrity. So he does not sell the statue but retains it as family heritage and focuses on YouTube videos on social issues to earn money. In the end, all the debts have been repaid, and Ritika and Ravi are together.



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