Chippa is an enthusiastic young boy who lives with his street vendor aunt, a relationship that produces more arguments than tenderness. On the eve of Chhipa’s tenth birthday, he wrote a letter to her by his long-absent father. The letter is written in Urdu, which neither Chippa nor any adult of his life can read. Inspired by another shouting match with his aunt, he sets off for a night through the streets of Kolkata in search of answers. Chhipa’s journey brings her into contact with many colorful characters along the way – some who have lessons to impart, some who can learn one thing or two from a vocal child. As Chippewa draws closer to uncovering the mystery of his father’s letter, we realize that we have been hooked into the story of interconnected connections and how we can grow from the mistakes of those who have come before us. Chippa is a pure crowd-pleasing family film that is sure to send you out of the theater with a smile.



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