Bamfaad is a movie based on a love story of Kareli village in the U.P who is Nasir Jamal, a teenage boy. His friends call him a ‘nut’ despite being quite tall. Nate brings home complaints regularly. His father, Shahid Jamal, a reputed contractor, ignores his son’s actions and in turn encourages him to behave badly, while his mother worries about her son and his negligence. One evening, Nasir goes to leave a parcel at the Sanam CD music store at the request of his childhood friend Zahid. There, he finds the shop closed and meets a young girl, Neelam (Shalini Pandey), who lives right above the shop. They have an interesting conversation. Soon after, they meet a few more times and Nate now contacts him. On the other hand, when Neelam appreciates her real gestures towards Nasser, she is hesitant to take things further. After a difficult journey, she fights to work with Nasser, but she is too excited to see any red flags. While Nasir and Neelam become close, Jigar Faridi (Vijay Verma), a charming, influential figure, crosses the path with Nasir due to a fight with college student politician Rajiv Mehndi. Jigar demands that Nasser publicly apologize and the ego is turned down for initiating an ego clash between the two. Neelam struggles to understand her relationship with Nasir but is unaware of how big she has grown to like him. They face many obstacles and are presented at the time of testing.



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