Ateet is a family drama with elements of a supernatural thriller, Colonel Vishwakarma his wife Janhvi, and his young daughter Sanaah seem to be a normal, happy family. However, Vishwakarma is not yet aware of his wife’s past. Things changed drastically after the death of Janhvi’s husband Achit, who was declared dead in the war nine years ago. The film begins with leisure and takes the sweetest time to establish the family dynamics of Vishwa, Janhavi and Sanaah. We are also familiar with the army physician, Masood and his wife, who are influenced by Vastu Shastra. The rest of the plot is about finding answers to these questions. Although the story has an inherent potential for drama and suspense, the author, Harshil R. Patel, and director, Tanuj Bhramar, fail to exploit it. The superficial treatment of the characters adds to the misery. In fact, the supernatural angle is handled amateurishly. By offering no logical explanation for this, Asset preaches superstitions about ghosts. Ateet is located in a beautiful city with hills and forests, making it the perfect place for a horror film. But hilly areas and quiet areas are ruined. Instead of using it to create a terrifying atmosphere, the film is afraid of jumping. This is just lazy film making. If you are going to use your fear of leaps, why bother shooting in such a beautiful city.



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