Dhum (Dhayam 2020)


Dhayam is a story when eight people in a company enter a room to be interviewed for the post of CEO. The room has no windows, the walls are white, and a clock is attached to one side. There are five men and three women. The men include a smart guy in white, a black villain, a coward who always bites his nails, a pretentious boy who always laughs like a fool, and a tall boy who wears a mask. The women include a woman in a sari, an office skirt suit, and a jeans and a shirt. The company representative entered the hall and revealed that the former CEO had committed suicide in the same room and was walking around as a ghost. The interview is simple. Of the eight candidates, whoever survives and becomes CEO after one hour. The timer starts. The evil man makes fun of everyone and forces the tall man to remove the mask, but he refuses. After 10 minutes, the lights suddenly go off. When they return, the tall man is killed by hanging them from the roof. They believe that ghosts kill people every 10 minutes, and they must work together to stay alive. The man who always laughs suddenly laughs violently and realizes that whenever he sees someone he can see the ghost and laugh. After another 10 minutes, the laughing man is killed with a cut, then the coward dies. People suspect the bad guy, and the smart man kills him. Now, women and smart men live. The smart man is then made to sit in a chair opposite a man, who is a doctor, and it is eventually revealed that the smart man is Ashwin, who is none other than the CEO of the company. He did not die and instead suffers from several personality disorders. The remaining seven characters were just his imagination. This treatment was done to kill and heal all his personalities. He eventually manages to kill them all and now recovers. The company representative who first came in at the beginning of the interview and spoke to Ashwin. He feels happy that Ashwin is now safe and tells him that he had eight personalities. Ashwin is surprised and asks the officer that he had only seven. The officer revealed that he had eight personalities, and the eighth was a doctor. It is then revealed that Ashwin managed to kill only seven characters and the Doctor’s character completely subjugated him, thus he still suffers from MPD.

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