Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade


Dear Comrade is started with Bobby aka Chaitanya Krishna who is very drunk, drunk and angry. He is unable to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend Lily does not want him in her life. The story now goes into flashback mode, where Bobby is the leader of a leftist student union at a college in Kakinada with serious issues of anger. He fights for students for the right reasons like his grandfather Comrade Suriyam. He fights the brother of a local politician, causing a college girl to attempt suicide by repeatedly torturing him to find love. Even he spends one night in lock-up with his friends. While returning he goes to Lily aka Aparna Devi who causes him a minor accident and as compensation Bobby takes all his money to fix his bike. He returns home and realizes that Lily was actually his childhood friend, (cousin of his neighbor daughter Jaya) who had come to attend Jaya’s wedding. Lily heartily teases Bobby over his love affair with Jaya. During a local cricket match, Bobby realizes that Lily is actually a state-level cricketer. He is completely impressed by her and slowly falls for her. During a small party held at the union office to celebrate her team’s victory, Lily sees Bobby in a heated argument with a student political leader and despite her request to get away from him, Bobby engages in a fist fight is. Lily realizes that Bobby has anger management issues and tries to tell her to handle and resolve conflict internally instead of entering into fights with others. She also reveals that she had a brother, who lost her life on the college campus a few years ago, and Bobby’s quarrel on campus brought back those painful memories. The police officer, who is a friend of Ramesh Rao, arrests and harasses Bobby to investigate sexual exploitation. Despite detaining and threatening Ramesh Rao, Bobby refused to take the hook off. The officer also meets Lily’s family and tries to force Lily in exchange for Bobby’s safe release. So in her statement before the BCCI committee, she reluctantly states that she was not sexually assaulted and assaulted by Ramesh Rao, despite Bobby being there and urging her to take one last step for continued justice. Bobby is badly disappointed by Lily’s defeatist stance and leaves the battle for justice. He apologizes for all the trouble. He lies that he did all this for some personal retaliation against Ramesh due to his anger management issues and that he only knew Lily as a distant relative of the neighbor and had seen her just a few times. This hurts Lily badly and she tries to catch Bobby while he is being taken back by the police. But he tears it up by saying that their journey is so different that they can never meet. Ramesh Rao then goes to court to insult both Bobby and Lily and apologizes to Lily for the false accusations and denigrates her, saying that all this is a cheap publicity done by a mediocre person like her. is. Was a stunt. Lily, angered by this and already hurt by Bobby’s crestfallen lies, attacks Ramesh Rao in front of the committee and angrily admits that he had actually sexually assaulted her and her as a selector The situation was misused. He swears to Ramesh Rao that he will not only take a break in the national team, but will also be captain one day. Bobby gets to see all this, Lily ignores and is overjoyed to find the fiery cricketer inside her. Later, when questioned by outside media, Lily fearlessly confronted him and said that every woman should have a partner who would support her in her journey and build the courage to fight for her rights. She then discovers Bobby and tells him that he has overcome her fear and has beaten her in front of everyone in order to scare Ramesh Rao. Bobby smilingly reveals that he saw Aparna Devi approaching him. Lily forces Bobby to retract his earlier hurt statements because their journeys were different. A smiling Bobby does so and the two lovers are reunited, eventually embracing their true lover. During the credits roll, Bobby leaves Lily at the National Cricket Academy and fists her to prove that she is his true companion.\


Dear Comrade

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