Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai


Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai is a story of two poor Married couples of Mumbai Sarita Pillai and Sushant Pillai who live in a lower-middle-class neighborhood in Mumbai, trying to meet their young son. While the film portrays the daily struggles of a lower-middle-class family from Mumbai with all their ups and downs, a flashback reveals that Sarita and Sushant have a musical backdrop and during a reality singing show, Sarita pranced on stage It becomes a big audience when the light appears. This past experience shocks him again and again, bringing tension and anxiety. Sarita is now the family’s bread-making company, working as a bank teller, while Sushant is often unemployed or busy with small schemes to earn money with his neighbors. The responsibility of working long hours at the bank with full responsibility at Sarita’s house often leads to quarrels and issues between them. Meanwhile, the audience learns that an unknown person brings a heavy suitcase to the same building as Pillai, who rolls a large cash bundle in a Ziploc bag and stuffs it into the bathroom drain. This hidden spot is meant to hide black-money, which is believed to cause water-sewage pipes to choke, often causing unusual noises in Pillai’s kitchen sink. One night, Sarita wakes up to drink water and she hears a loud noise in the same pipe. She goes to investigate and starts opening and cleaning up the dirty water. To his surprise, he has hidden cash-strapped items. He is intercepted and after verifying the validity of the cash in his bank, he uses that cash to pay off Sushant’s loan and buy high-end items for his house. On Sushant’s question, he answers that he has more cash than his mother’s fixed deposit. Unfortunately for Sarita – her cash rush ended when the thieves caught the bank employees at gunpoint and Sarita stole all the money including the cash kept in her purse. She returns home feeling sad and disappointed that she loses at the most important moments of her life – during the reality singing show and now with the cash that gave her hope. Despite Sushant’s assurance, he hides information about the new money and stays at home. Unknown to him, the police engage in a criminal investigation for a large sum of Rs. The 2000 denomination notes were handed over to a local politician who drove out a corrupt bank official in a different city. Upon being interrogated by the police, Sarita becomes furious, as she feels that the use of “fraudulent money” will now result in an unnecessary criminal act against her as the police inquire about a large amount of money kept with her. However, Sushant intervenes and tells the police about Ziplock’s money. During this revelation, Pillai’s neighbor believes that the large bags he brought to his building were actually taken by a local politician’s assistant, which was actually new money. They run away and return to their homes with a large amount of cash with them. After encountering a large bag of cash at the assistant’s house by the police, get the details of Sushant.


Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

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