Bluffmaster (Neevevaro) 2020 Hindi Dubbed 720p

Series Info:

Full Name: Bluffmaster
Director: Hari Nath
Writers: Hari Nath
Stars: Tapsee Pannu, Ritika Singh, Aadhi
Language: Hindi
Released Year: 2020
Quality: 720p
Size: 400MB
Format: MKV
Genre; Romance


Kalyan, a blind chef, owns a restaurant in Hyderabad city. He has a loving family, and his workers are highly respected. His routine includes spending time in his restaurant, closing it after playing the guitar, and going back to his home. One night while he is about to stop and leave, Vanella (Taspe Pannu) shows up at the restaurant, requesting help to feed a homeless man. Kalyan is impressed by her first visit.

He proposes to her one day, saying that she loves him too, but she came here to say farewell. Vanella says she borrowed 2 million rupees from a gang a few years ago for her father’s heart surgery, and now she cannot repay it. The gang has threatened his family several times, and warns them that they will kidnap him if he fails to repay his debt the next day. Kalyan, who is in love with Vanella, agrees to pay his debt for her the next day.

On his way home that night, Kalyan suffers from a car accident, which leaves him unconscious for 3 weeks, but incidentally, his vision returns. Upon waking up after 3 weeks, Kalyan is shocked to learn that 3 weeks have passed, meaning, Vanella may be in danger. He begins to see her through the clues, which he left with her, but finds nothing.

To make her mother happy, Kalyan agrees to marry Anu, though she falls in love with Vanella. One night before Kalyan and Anu’s wedding, Vanella’s father goes to the restaurant to ask Kalyan for help, saying that the gang threatened Vanella, because Kalyan did not pay his debts. The gang now threatens to kill him if he cannot repay the debt the next day. Kalyan again agrees to pay money to save Vanella.

The next day, Kalyan runs away from his marriage to save Vanella. He and Vanella’s father arrive at the appointed location, where they see the gang indiscriminately firing guns with guns. Soon after Kalyan hands over the money to them, the police arrive at the scene. The gang is angry and thinks that Kalyan not only brings the money, but also the police, so they shoot Vinella’s father and stunned Kalyan and takes Vanela again. Before leaving, he threatens Kalyan that he will kill Vanella if he tells the police anything.

Kalyan later wakes up at the same place where no one meets him, even the corpse of Vanella’s father or the police confuses him. Returning to their marriage, Anu states that she should have known in advance that Kalyan did not consent to marry her to her liking, but only as an obligation to please her mother. She starts hating him.

Kalyan later gets the news that Vanella’s father has died in a car accident in another city, and the police are calling anyone who knows him to claim his body because they cannot identify him. . . . Kalyan is more confused now, wondering how anyone who died before him can die again. He visits the city to find out what happened. Meanwhile, Anu also goes to the same city for a job reevaluation.

Along with a police constable in the city, Choka Rao (Venela Kishore), Kalyan finds a clay artist Vamsi (Adarsh ​​Balakrishna) who caused a car accident that killed Vanella’s father. To his shock, Vamsi is blind who cannot drive. After some twists, Vamsi confesses that it was his girlfriend Jyoti who drove his car and killed Vanella’s father. Vamsi bribed Rs 3 lakh to an inspector to save Jyoti, who later left her out of fear. They somehow find Jyoti’s picture, but everyone is surprised to learn that it is Vanella.

After observing a state award specifically for Vamsi, Kalyan reveals that there is a general point between them, that is, the award of the same state he had received earlier, so now Vanella realizes that he knew, Whose name could possibly be a different thief who swallows women money, especially from blind men who have received the same state award. He thought he was her lover, but now he knows that she is a victim of his opposition. He, Anu and Chokka decide to get the scamster at any cost.


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