Bhoot – The Haunted Ship

Bhoot – The Haunted Ship: Part One


Bhoot – The Haunted Ship films are based on a haunted ship that goes lost in many years ago when a ship’s captain daughter Meera’s third birthday is celebrated by the ship’s crew on Sea Bird. Away from the party with a voice, Meera is attacked by a ghost and she screams. Years later, with the help of shipping officer Prithvi Prakashan (Vicky Kaushal), friend and colleague Riaz, has intercourse with his pregnant girlfriend Sapna. Prithvi foils a human trafficking operation but Riaz warns him against such dangerous feats. Prithvi and Sapna have a girl, Megha, and are shown raising them. With Joshi, they board the ship at night, before it runs away. They fight the ghost, and during the encounter, it is revealed that Vandana killed Amar to save himself. Vandana and Joshi are killed, and Riaz fills diesel. Prithvi finds the secret room where the immortal corpse hangs. He burns the body, expelling the ghost. Prithvi saves Meera and they escape through the hole in the ship.

Later, Prithvi teaches Meera how to eat noodles. In an additional scene in the mid-credits, a black man appears to be walking around the house of Earth.


Bhoot – The Haunted Ship

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