Bhangra paa le

Bhangra paa le


Set in Amritsar, the movie narrating the story of two generations.

Jaggi, who hails from a Punjabi background, wants to exhibit Bhangra on a vast platform as he’s deeply attached to the dance form. The film showcases a university against where they compete with one another to win the international dance competition. Kaptaan, the grandfather of the hero Jaggi Singh, is a former army soldier whose passion is Bhangra. He continues to perform Bhangra after being recruited in the army. On the battlefield as well, he motivates his comrades to get up by beating a drum and performing Bhangra. Unfortunately, Kaptaan loses a leg in the war, and feels sad and refuses to go home. Back home, Nimmo, the girl he loves, is about to get married.


Bhangra paa le

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