Bad Trip

Bad Trip


Bad Trip is story of an In small-town Florida, Chris is working in a car wash. A woman, Maria gets out of her car and enters the car wash. Chris tells the man whose car he is washing, Maria his high school crush. He starts vacuuming the car, but the extremely powerful vacuum sucks his clothes, leaving him naked. Once Maria comes out of the car wash and hides in the man’s car, she panics. The man talks to Maria and attempts to get her number for Chris, but he declines and leaves. Chris’s best friend, Bud, is working at a computer shop. Her sister, Trina, is parked in her car. After negotiating with both customers, she begs Bud for money, but she refuses. When she is under house arrest, she loots the shop and opens her ankle tag, gives money to two customers and warns them not to nap. Later, Chris and Bud talk about Trina, Maria and big adventures. A year later, a plumber enters Chris’s house and is surprised when Chris comes out of his resting place (a bathtub full of beer cans). Chris realizes that he is late and runs to his new job at a Smoothie shop, leading to clutter along the way. Maria arrives and interacts with the restaurant, where she reveals that she is an art gallery curator in New York City. She invites him to the gallery, which he accepts. Chris sees the card, causing him to lose his focus and accidentally put his hand in a smooth blender, splattering blood everywhere. He later patronizes an older man, who asks him to move to New York from Maria. Chris then sings a musical song called “I Saw a Girl Today”. He negotiated with Bud, with the metro, to make a road trip to New York with the final plan. Chris gets the idea to steal Trina’s car, which Bud opposes at first, but Chris reminds him that Trina is in jail. Trina chases Chris and knocks him down the roof of the gallery, but Bud eventually saves him by taking him to Trina. She hugs him, proud that she has finally stood up for herself. Chris and Bud return to Maria’s gallery, but he is distracted by the chaos and demands that they leave. The film ends with the two decision to cross-dress as white women on an eco-centric foundation stone festival, which they discussed while the film previously reviewed White Checks, with Trina calling him a white man Was included as They perform the DMX song “Party Up” on stage, much to the inconvenience of all the rest. The behind-the-scenes scenes during the closing credits reveal the reactions of the people who appear during the film to be part of a hidden camera.


Bad Trip

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