Baaghi 3

Baaghi 3


Baaghi 3 Movie is based on the love of two brothers who were become a cop. Ronnie Chaturvedi lives with his elder brother Vikram. Especially for him since childhood, after his father’s death, Ronnie is offered a job in the police force, but he refuses due to his violent track record and convinces Vikram to take the job. When a hostage situation arises, Vikram is groomed and scrambled to confront the culprits, but Ronnie accompanies him, fights with the goons, and helps save the hostages. He does not take credit, and as the process continues, Vikram becomes popular among the public and his department after each case. Ronnie and Sia fall in love and marry each other with their respective siblings Vikram and Ruchi. One day, Vikram is known for regular paperwork in Syria. Upon arriving, Vikram chats with Ronnie on a video call but is abducted suddenly by a group of people who help Ronnie. Ronnie fights Abu’s army alone before leaving to rescue Vikram and the hostages. The IPL sacrifices itself and Abu agrees to free everyone but captures Sia. Ronnie fights with Abu’s operatives, but as Vikram gets angry seeing Ronnie get hit, Ronnie stops fighting back. He is killed and nearly killed, leading to a transformation in Vikram, who jumps out of the cell and fights everyone mercilessly, eventually stabbing Abu with a steel rod. Vikram and Sia try to revive Ronnie, and when Abu emerges from behind to attack them, Ronnie wakes up and kills him.


Baaghi 3

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