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Among all the Indian gods Lord Ram has special place and his biggest follower Lord Hanuman also most popular God in all over the world and peoples do lot of great worship of him in well mannered way. We always read Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi regularly for the Bajarangbali and here below you can read right text of Chalisa.

We know Mantra is alos very important bu below described text is better then going any other place because we all know that god lives in our heart and if we remember our god by heart with full concetration then we follow the lord in right way and in most effective method also.

Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi learn below


hanuman chalisa lyrics in hindi

Bajrangbali is God of Hindus and the biggest devotee of Lord Ram in the world. In the Ramayana we have read that he helped Ram a lot in his whole life and with full honesty also. In the Lanka he did fighting with the Ravan and played a big role in the vistory of Rama to get back Seeta his wife who were kidnapped by Ravan who was the king of Lanka and was man behind every wrong thing in the world at that time.

We have been heard in the Reamayan that when Lakshman was injured badly in the war then Bajarangbali went to sanjivani mountain and bring the whole mountain to Rama to find the right Ayurvedic medicine called Sanjivani to save Lakshman’s life and finally he got success in the task and then Lord Rama gave true blessings to hanuman that when ever any person will remember my name in the world then he must remember your name also because you are my true follower.

Lyrics Chalisa Hindi Hanuman

Lord Bajarangbali was the son of Anajani still every Indian remember him as a part of daily life by reading Hanuman chalisa Lyrics in Hindi mentioned above lyrics text.

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